"What's for dinner." 
That age old question. Well the app; "Recipe Search" may be the answer.
I found it very user friendly and informative.

More recipes than you could shake a stick at. You can also submit your recipes from your tablet or phone. With 150k in recipes, you really can't go wrong with this app.
Do you have a pile of old Android phones laying around like I do? Maybe you have an older laptop without a cam? Or just about any other webcam ideas you may have.

It is a free app you apply to the device you plan to use as the webcam.

It took me about a half hour to get it configured and running.
Once running it was smooth with a clean frame rate on my wifi network. Which is the biggest plus you don't need to plug anything into your laptop or pc. You type in it's ip address (provided in the app), into your home computers browser address bar. The only note here is that internet explorer does not like this file system, you will need Google's free chrome browser or alike. 

So drag those dusty old androids out of the closet folks they have a new life.
You can download and play with it today here:


  I have lost hours of my life to this game. My only regret is that one day I ended up not doing my laundry and had no clean socks.

Some of the best graphics, a story with depth and puzzles that a regular person with a life can solve in this lifetime.

Its biggest draw back is the huge file size.

The story is twisted and has a lot of adult content.

If you have hours to kill and alot of empty memory on your mobile device it is more than worth a look.
Find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bulky.Yesterday&hl=en