This has been in my thoughts for a while, and today I found that a writer at the B.B.C. also shares my views.

Today let's take a moment to be objective and clear away some of this feel good green hype that is all to prevalent.

  - Lead acid batteries,
Neither lead or acid sounds very "green" me.

- Electricity is not magic,it must be generated somehow. Unless its solar, wind or hydro-electric I do not  see a lot of green in that do you?

Electricity from coal, which is the most polluting way to generate power, drastically reduces the environmental advantage for EVs. Because China, for example, generates almost all its power from coal, life cycle analysis of EV cars in China shows they are far more polluting than conventional cars.

I am not suggesting it's not a great idea. The idea just needs a lot of time to become a viable global solution to global warming.

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